Medical Massage Therapists

Bel Air MD, Fallston and Surrounding Areas

Our vision for massage therapy

is to help people with evidence based therapies and real knowledge, we hope to help our patients live without pain. We aspire to help in any way we can. We specialize in orthopedic massage therapy and treat patients suffering from a wide range of issues. Patients come to us after having been diagnosed with every thing ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to whiplash and piriformis syndrome. Other patients come to us with a general mystery pain, having never received a firm diagnosis. That is where our ability to assess what is happening in your body makes the difference. Our massage techniques focus on the interaction between different tissues in the body. This allows us to begin to understand how even the most elusive pain develops and how it can be fixed. If this kind of treatment sounds right for you, call us today to start (443) 902-5304.

We are dedicated to combining the worlds of modern medicine and massage. We use an evidence based approach to your pain. We aim to partner with doctors and other health providers to treat various musculoskeletal conditions, helping our patients to live without pain. We have some of the best therapists in Bal Air working for us. Here are the two who do most of the work. Over at our Blog you can see Meg’s writing about massage and health and Alex’s writings about Massage.

Alexander MacMillan, Licensed Massage Therapist

Alexander MacMillan, Licensed Massage Therapist, Deep Tissue, Massage Bel Air MdOwner and lead therapist of Baltimore Orthopedic Massage, Alexander received his massage training at CCBC’s Massage Therapy program. He specialized in Orthopedic, Myofascial, and Deep Tissue, and he holds advanced training in Manual Lymph Drain.
I work with trauma patients and chronic ‘Mystery’. When you know something wrong but no one seems to know what is wrong… that’s where I really like to work. Helping someone in a bad spot to work themselves back to a functional life, that’s very satisfying.

Meg Lindsay, Licensed Massage Therapist

Meg Lindsay, Licensed Massage Therapist, Deep Tissue, Massage Bel Air MdMeg is the Swedish and Home Care Specialist at our Bel Air clinic. She handles all the relaxation massages and any massage therapy for clients that cannot make it to our clinic. She enjoys working with nursing and hospice patents.
I received my education and training through the massage therapy program at CCBC Essex. Modalities I specialize in include Swedish and deep tissue massage. Helping someone to reclaim the use of his or her body and learn healthy movement through the implementation of bodywork sessions and client education is very exciting for me as a therapist. I’ve learned there are many styles of touch that can prove to be beneficial and greatly significant in someone’s life.