Feel Good About Giving

A local Bel Air Event for BOys and Girls Club

A local Bel Air Event for BOys and Girls Club

I Got Inspired

Baltimore Orthopedic Massage announced the Feel Better About Giving initiative, which is raising funds for the non-profit Boys And Girls Club (BGC). Any company, or group, who donates $250+ gets a chair massage for the whole office.

On a recent open house held in honor of winning STEM Center of Innovation award, I got to know more about the Aberdeen club and found out it takes over $1000 to provide meals, homework help and athletics, for each child. The center tries to keep the burden low for families so most of that money comes from people and businesses that want to help.

I visited the club in and was struck by how much it takes to support one child. They have a great program but it takes a lot, so I was inspired o help. – Alex MacMillan, Owner.

Feel Better About Giving

Sure I could donate but I think I can do better. Baltimore Orthopedic Massage does a number of events each year in the community, where we give out chair massages. This year I’d like to see if I can raise enough money to pay for 10 kids to attend the club for free.

The Rules

  1. Businesses donate to BGC $250 or more receive chair massage for their office up to 2 hours.
  2. Vouchers are also available for individual services and a percentage of vouchers proceeds go to BGC.
  3. Call (443) 902-5304 to arrange your chair event.
  4. Write a check to Boys and Girls Club and have it with you when we show up.
  5. All events must be scheduled between Dec 2015 and March 2016.