Massage for Lower Back Pain Part 2

Massage for Lower Back Pain Part 2

Last Week we talked about Massage for lower back pain particularly for conditions you don’t have or which are unlikely to cause your pan. This week I like to continue by talking about conditions your much more likely to have.


Postural misalignment

massage for lower back pain

Lower back pain is 63% of desk pain

Resulting in:
7) Rotated pelvis due to tight or weak Obloquies and Serratus posterior
8) Over stretched QL. Your QL lifts the hip on one side, if you sit with you’re your trunk rotated your QL tends to titten in an attempt to realign you.
9) Tight chest and abdomen. If you look at the man in the picture above you notice that his lower back is forced to hold up the whole trunk at a very odd angle. This causes tight muscles and major back pain. His chest is all closed while his back is over stretched and pulling against the chest.
10) Weak posterior Erectors also result from poor sitting. In the above posture the erectors are not engaged. That’s not so good because their whole reason for being back there is to hold us up straight.
Here is a good resource discussing posture
11) Lastly tight Hamstrings, gained from sitting all day. They shorten and cramp pulling on your sit-bones and thus tilt your pelvis posteriorly, flexing the lumbar spine and causing pain.