Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage – What is it?

Deep tissue massage often goes hand-in-hand with Swedish, focusing on the deeper tissues (as its name would imply). Our therapists can use this massage to reach deeper muscles and fascia, such as those that are underneath other tissues or wrapped around bone. While deep tissue massage is more therapeutic than Swedish massage, it is still primarily a relaxation massage. Your Massage therapist can incorporate it in to any massage you want. He or she might also add it if it will help you pain. Most people think of deep tissue as an elbow in the back. (See first picture.) But we can also direct it to where you need it. Neck pain, back pain even pain in the arms. Deep tissue massage can help them all.

Deep Tissue does not mean painful

You are already in pain. Your massage should not hurt you more. While some people like the endorphins that a strong Deep Tissue massage or even a Swedish can give its more therapeutic to let your body relax. This is something every therapist at Baltimore Orthopedic Massage stresses. It is so important that while we don’t often agree with chain spas about health, we all agree about this. But if your someone who just likes it a little stronger than most we can happily accommodate you.

You can find more information on our blog. We have a whole series about manual therapy myths that bust a lot of misconceptions about alternative health and manual therapies. If you have read enough and think you know what you want then head over to our booking calender and reserve your appointment. Or you can also give us a call at (443) 902-5304, we offer a wide variety of therapies and will be happy to talk about your needs and wants.