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Blending Massage therapy with relaxation and mindful touch. It is a quiet hour in your busy day to calm your mind and body. All the routine irritations drop away and you just enjoy the moment. Whether you need a massage to unwind and relieve stress, or recharge your fatigued and overworked body, or simply manage chronic pain. You’ll find a session of Wellness Massage therapy to be effective and enjoyable. Our goal is to get you to a pain free lifestyle – to get you back to who you are.



Wellness Massage Therapy and me

What I can expect

Wellness massage is very similar to going to a spa. The only real difference is that we focus excursively on the muscles. If you would like skin treatments or another service we are happy to help you locate a provider. Getting a massage feels great but isn’t a luxury, it is something you should do on a regular basis. regular therapeutic massage can help elevate your everyday problems and help stop them before they begin by improving your health, your mood and your life. Additionally, it gives you something to look forward to.